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Bateman Sno-Riders

Club Background

Why Join a Snowmobile Club?

In Wisconsin, we have over 26,000 miles of trails. These trails were created and are maintained by snowmobile clubs like ours. They are entirely self-funded through registration fees, gas tax fees, or clubs raising money on our own. Clubs get the easements to ride across private land, clear brush from trails and put up and take down signs every year.
In the winter, we also groom the trails.
Your registration fees do not guarantee there will be trails, nor do the gas tax fees that you contribute. It merely gives you the right to ride on public trails, and there wouldn't be trails without clubs, so join one.
We are a registered member of the AWSC.


About The Sno-Riders

The Bateman Sno-Riders maintain about 20 miles of the almost 400 miles of snowmobiles trails within Chippewa County. Our Snowmobile club has an average of  30 family memberships and single  snowmobilers as well. We are located in the rural community of Bateman/Lafayette, which has a mailing address of Chippewa Falls. (About 15 miles north of Eau Claire, Wisconsin).